Happy Birthday Danny

Danny turns 29 today. We are getting older, and I’m so glad we don’t always feel older. Yes our bodies feel it, but not anything else. Danny’s had some pretty serious injuries that lead to some surgeries. But he’s as awesome as ever. (haha this post has started out a little weird) I love him with my whole heart, and can’t wait to see what this next year brings for him and us! God has already blessed us tremendously!

I had previously posted about some of the gifts I got him and left the third one out because I was stuck between two gifts. I decided to get him a dominoes table. He loves playing, and the other gifts work out pretty well with it.  I’m absolutely certain he’ll love all of them. I love gifting him. Sometimes he knows exactly what he’s getting and other times, he doesn’t. This is one of those “doesn’t” times. Woo! Winning.

Happy Birthday Love! Cheers!



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