This week

This week has consisted of working, lots of driving, sketching, painting, brainstorming and a ton more. I haven’t been able to blog as consistently as I’d like..what else is new right?!

I’ll just write a little on a part of my day I was really looking forward to… going to 3rdeye to see my friends. I made my way to their beautiful Coconut Grove office. Its a stunning space I tell you. I loved seeing Manny, Robert, Alex and especially Rosanna. They are such wonderful people! I was once Rosanna’s assistant, and it was the best experience to be honest.I gained a friend and an incredible role model. She and Manny are my favorite couple of all time. Such a great example of a fun and loving couple. Next week I plan on coming with some cafecito! <3

I painted some type today…here’s a peek.



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