A day in Orlando

Yesterday, the Arts & Comm team hit up Orlando for some studio visits! The moment we arrived in Orlando, we were starving. We decided to hit up 4 Rivers Smokehouse. It was delicious. I had brisket, sweet potato mash and stuffed jalapeños wrapped in bacon. (I love bacon!!!) After our very satisfying lunch we visited PRPL Rock Scissors, a digital creative agency in downtown. I was incredibly inspired after our visit. They were so welcoming. They gave us a tour of their offices and sat with us and discussed their process with us. As a creative group, we are always trying to find new ways to work efficiently. It was amazing. Not to mention that their studio is beautiful! Its everything I want our Arts & Comm office to look like. Full of light and creativity. Chalk walls, graffiti painting, concrete floors, outdoor work spaces…you name it. I took a few photos with my iPhone, but wish I would’ve taken more! (my iphone is very uncooperative lately!)

We then hit up Rifle Paper Co. My beautiful friend, Tammie works there and invited us to visit. She gave us a tour of the studio and store front (which looks amazing. Tammie works on window displays). I also got to meet Anna Bond. I love her. Pretty sure I’ve followed her about 6 years (or so) now. She’s perfect and all her creations are perfect. I bought a few things too! Couldn’t resist! ;)

It was definitely an incredible day, filled with friends and inspiration.


4 Rivers Smokehouse:








PRPL Rock Scissors:








Rifle Paper Co.:anna





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