Katy Perry with Amanda

Yesterday Amanda and I went to see Capital Cities and Katy Perry. Easily two of my favorite bands/musicians. Capital Cities was amazing! I loved them. Pretty sure I was the only person in our section jammin’ shamelessly. All the teenagers around us thought we were so uncool, but if we’re going to a concert with SICK seats then I’m gonna jam my heart away without feeling awkward about it. I didn’t get too many photos of Capital Cities because, 1. I was having a party with Amanda, and 2. my ridiculous phone decided to jump from 70% to 21% out of nowhere. (I’m sure that apple has a little button that they press which causes all the phones to malfunction before the new iPhone comes out)
Oh also, I wore a “turban” headband… and Amanda said I looked cute. I always wanted to rock one, so I did. I am also aware that I looked like Bret Michaels. However… I didn’t care.
Katy Perry knows how to throw a show. Geez! The woman is like Disney/Islands of Adventure on fire. I loved every minute of that show. It was also really endearing to see so many Dads taking their daughters to this show. It was beautiful. You know they don’t care for Katy Perry but they are dancing and celebrating with their little girls. Heart MELTED. I definitely recommend attending one her shows. They’re an aesthetic delight, and she sings beautifully (for realsies). Thank you Amanda for inviting me <3.



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