Our new house and Gunner


So we still haven’t moved into our new home yet. A lot has been happening, so the process has been delayed. The roof had to be replaced and we are in the middle of the bathroom being remodeled. Its been a month since we’ve been new home owners. I can’t wait to move in. Honestly. I want us to have our own home. Entirely us. Our choice of paint, our choice of furniture, etc. We haven’t really had that since we short-saled the apartment 3 years ago. I’m so excited. We’ve been slowly moving things in every other day or so. We pack some boxes and I drop them off in the morning before going into work. Danny goes every other day (when he’s not working like dog!) to fix things, add lamps, clean up, mow the lawn, etc. I’m hoping we’ll be in the house in 2 weeks! (crosses fingers!) In the meantime, here’s a picture of Gunner looking of so handsome in my living room with the little furniture we have! :)


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