Adobe Max Conference

I’m sitting in the airport in Los Angeles waiting for my flight back home to the MIA. I came to LA for the Adobe Max Conference. My awesome team sent me to the conference with all the love in the world. I feel pretty lucky to have been given the chance to go and wish the whole team could’ve gone  as well. I felt like the entire team could have benefited from it. Video, photography, animation, illustration, leadership, and just general creative culture. Next time?!

I was fortunate enough to have Danny come with me. Thank goodness he did. I got a migraine on the flight over (5 hours and no food isn’t a good combo). The moment we landed I felt nauseous. I’ve thrown up on a plane before and felt like it was going to happen again. ::panic:: Luckily I didn’t throw up on the plane, but I did manage to throw up at the rental car pickup, then in the car (well outside of the car. Danny had to pullover), and then once more outside a restaurant we were planning on eating at. You think I would’ve gotten the hint that my body was not having it… but I didn’t. You see, in the past when this has happened- I’ve only puked once. One time and that was it. My body is becoming more and more annoying when it comes to things like this. So, we left the restaurant-I was dizzy and in serious pain and embarrassment. I prayed that I’d feel better by the next day because I had my first Pre-Conference session and did not want to miss it. I mean I couldn’t. MY TEAM SENT ME HERE! Super fail if I get sick and can’t make it at all. No pressure.

I woke up early and felt better. Thank God. So off I went to start my Adobe adventure. I was so nervous. Haha! I’m usually nervous for anything. I didn’t know what to expect, I didn’t know what was expected of me.. Talk about insecurities flooding out. Que Peña. Obviously (to most), it went well. I discovered calligraphy for realties, I made some letters into vector. I felt more confident about making a font in the near future. (That scares the crap out of me). I also felt better about making connections and talking to people. It went well! I enjoyed my sessions, felt refreshed at the Keynotes and just kind watched everything around me in awe. (which doesn’t work out for networking  especially  when the aesthetics around you make your jaw drop) I chatted with one of my favorite designers, James Victor. He’s so funny. He’s animated which makes attending his sessions a delight. I even gave him a Hustle Hard Tee! Oo Kill ‘Em! Timothy Goodman’s session was also fantastic. I left with a renewed perspective. I also managed to grab as many freebies as possible for the team! Gotta hook up my peeps! I definitely recommend this conference to people who like enjoy the different forms of creativity and love technology advances!




Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 5.59.28 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 5.59.56 PM











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