Gift Guide: West Elm

About a month ago, I attended the West Elm Dadeland Layers of Luxe brunch event. It was awesome to say the least! I want everything in that store. With some savings and some patience I’m slowly makin’ that happen haha! (We recently bought a dining table from there and I’m beyond thrilled!) They have so much more that just furniture. They have a lot of items that would work great ask gifts for your loved ones. I took note of items when I was there just to post. Don’t go on thinking, I’ve mentally skipped Thanksgiving Day. Quite the opposite, its all I think about. I will be hosting Thanksgiving dinner in our new home this year, and I’m having a mini panic attack. haha! Thanks another story, but Black Friday is this week as well, and its a day where we all run to the malls and snag some deals for gifts for our loved ones, because let’s face it- THE STRUGGLE IS REAL. Most of us have a lot of members in our families, and you want to gift them all! My family has gotten away with “secret santa” amongst ourselves, so Black Friday isn’t too crazy, but I digress.

Here are some gifting ideas for your special people:

1.  Baggu Duffle Bag (optional custom Monogram) for your traveler friend! I’ve recently become secretly obsessed with duffle bags. I stop myself from purchasing them because I have what I need and that’s just wrong…right?! $89

duffle bag



2. Domino Set (wooden) for your game friend. I might purchase this for Danny! He loves a good game of dominos. $39




3.  Ceramic Animal Ring Dish is a great gift for that friend who accessorizes like champion! I own the owl one, and its adorable and keeps all my mess in order. $16

ceramic dish



4. Festive Fair Isle Cheese Board is the perfect gift for your friend the ultimate host! They make for a dreamy display during your holiday parties, so gifting this one early may be the key! Also, its on sale at the moment! Usually $34 and on sale for $27 with free shipping homieeee!

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 10.41.56 AM



5. Whale Tail Sculpture is great gift for your friend the environmentalist! I just think its beautiful and such an interesting little sculpture. The brass one is on sale for $14.99 and the soapstone one is going for $39! Either way, free shipping still!

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 10.43.49 AM


6.  The Perfect Throw works for home-y friend. You know, that person that likes to stay in and read a good book, or watch everything on Netflix (me!). This little situation comes in many color options and is also on sale! $23 (was $29).



Hope you head over to the store when you can, if you’re not ordering online! The Dadeland store has excellent customer service and you might find something for yourself as well! Happy holidays peeps!



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