Miami’s Finest: Art Basel 2014

This year, the Arts & Comm team hit up the Miami Beach Convention Center. We wandered and tried to take in as much as possible. After looking at a lot of art all at once, you tend to stop seeing the art because of stimulation overload. Haha. I do this thing where I tear my knowledge and see and art piece and name the artists, then I go check and give myself a pat on the back when I’m right. I only got one wrong yesterday lol! You gotta stay sharp ya know what I mean?!!
We also saw some celebrities. The past times I’ve attended Basel events, I’ve always seen celebrities. I didn’t expect to see any. But then BAM! Joe Jonas. Lol I don’t particularly care for him, but I turn classic fangirl when I come across them. So I turned red. I took a pic and he caught me. No shame! Then I come face to face with Darren Criss. Eyes locked and all. He knew I was staling them lol. Not in creepy way, but in a non-dangerous fangirl kinda way. Then the holy grail of celebrity sightings, Leonardo DiCaprio. My friend, Kari found him first. I experienced my first hot flash. Menopause holds a dark future for me if that’s a sneak peek! I followed him around too. What can I say…because Leo.
After that art was a hard thing to focus on. Lol but I did manage to continue my art test game. Hope you enjoyed my fun filled story!
















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