Its no secret that I’m obsessed with our family pet, Gunner. He’s more like my brother and sister’s dog, but I like to think he’s kinda mine too just because we have a special relationship. Yes, he’s just a dog- but he’s a wonderful dog. He came to our family, when we needed it most. We were pretty isolated with one another and having this time puppy around required attention from everyone. I mean we took shifts to be with him! lol He was so small (5 wks old). We found ourselves hanging out more and being around one another like a normal family. lol We didn’t even realize we didn’t make time for each other. (embarrassing) We’ve all grown because of him and we love him more for it. haha! Danny pokes fun at me, but I don’t care. A pet is a part of a family and no less. They are to be loved and cared for just like everyone else!

Danny and I plan to add to our little sub-family with a pet adoption soon. Hopefully before Christmas!  I’d love for Gunner to have a bff. haha


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset




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