New things and thoughts

First off, Happy New Year! I can honestly say that this year has a been good year for the Cantos. Not to say that it was perfect, far from it, but we got to a lot of goals/milestones this year! I got a new car, for starters. I had my Honda Civic for about 10 years and it was time. We still have the Honda around and Danny uses it. Its a good car and it was in excellent condition. Well not the outside (old and chipped paint) but the inside was solid! We were able to purchase a home! We had been waiting so long for this! I couldn’t believe it. We were starting a new journey together as home owners. Which by the way, the work never stops. lol Its a good thing. We’re full fledged adults! I started my own apparel company, Hustle Sauce. This was a huge blessing and was only possible because of the incredible support system I have. Thank you friends and family! Lastly, we got a dog. I’ve always wanted a dog, and luckily so did Danny. We had been waiting for the right time, and right dog. We adopted her from a family that had adopted her from a shelter. They couldn’t keep her anymore because she gave their daughter some kind of allergic reaction. We met and fell in love. Her name is Lana and she’s the best. She’s amazing with people (children too) and she could use some work with other dogs, but she’s still a puppy (10 months) and we’re hustling hard with that training! I have to say, Danny is an excellent “pack leader”! He has taught Lana so much already and she learning quick! Cesar Milan would be proud!


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I don’t like to make goals. lol I make them regardless, but I kinda hate it. I hate it because I forget about them and then get disappointed that I didn’t follow through. Its destructive. I write them down in a notebook and then I share them with Danny and then I jot down his. Its private and I feel ok about them. I’m glad to say that I accomplished some of last year’s goals, so cheers to that!

This year, all that I’ll share is that I hope to be obedient. Obedient to God’s word. Apply what I know he wants from me. To love unconditionally, forgive every time, to be selfless, etc. I tend to get upset a lot because I get hurt, or feel unloved or disrespected. That’s natural. Everyone reacts a certain way to those things. I want to accept it and get over it, because my God loves me and gives me the choice to love, forgive and put others before myself. Cheers to the possibilities of the New Year! Hope you’re all enjoying this new beginning.



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