Lana the Canto Pup

I’ve learned a few things since having Lana in our lives that I didn’t learn with Gunner (mainly because he lives with my brother and  sister ). Nothing out of this world, but lessons nonetheless.

1. There’s a new member of the family and that means they require you’re attention and care. This seems pretty obvious, but its more than it seems. Pets are to be treated with love and good care, they’re more than just an animal living in your home. Well for me at least. I worry about leaving her alone for too long. Its intense. lol

2. Dogs are needy. They want to be with you at all times. She’s ok being alone in her crate (as far as I know), but when I’m home we are like “peas and carrots” lol. I love being with her. I’m alone sometimes because Danny works his long shifts, thankfully she makes excellent company.

3. Responsibility. She makes me wake up early to feed and walk her. Sure, I could just let do her business in our backyard, but A. the yard would smell like poo and B. I’d rather walk her to get her some exercise. Walking up early is a good thing. I usually delay as much as possible before I have to wake up, I’m pretty lazy. Now I wake up, take her out, feed her and while she’s eating, I take that time to read the bible and do my small group devotional study. Breakfast is something I gotta work into the equation, which means waking up earlier.. pfft.

4. Random exercise. I’ve lost like 2 lbs. lol That isn’t much at all, but in comparison to nothing, its something. I walk her in the morning, on my lunch break (if Danny is working) and at night after she eats. “A tired dog is a happy dog” is what most people say, but I just want her to have we do. lol Told you i was crazy! Added plus: I’ve met a lot of my neighbors on walks with her. 

5. Socializing your pup is really important. We are super training her so she can play well with others. The first couple of days she was with us, was kind of a whirlwind of meet and greets. She met like 4 dogs. She played well with Gunner (of course because he’s perfect!) and got a little defensive with the neighbor’s dog and my brother-in-law’s dog. Both dogs are pretty docile. I panicked. I cried actually. lol I didn’t want Lana to be one of those dogs that couldn’t play with others. I mean, we have so many dogs in our lives already, in my mind they were all one big happy family! Through so intense “pack leader” mentality training, she’s improved so much! She has had two monitored playdates with the the neighbor’s dog, who she fought. I think she was just overwhelmed with all the newness. Anyway- happy to report she is making great progress.

Having a pup, and all the pampering, gift buying, love giving, bathing and such is a lot of work. Emotionally and physically. I love it. Danny and are working as a team to make our pup a healthy and happy pet. He’s such a good pack leader, it makes me appreciate in a different and new way. Some say, this is my prep for having children. Perhaps. Doesn’t mean I’m ready for it. At all, but I’ll take it. Whatever happens, happens.

I love my little family.

LanaDelRey LanaDelRey2


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