Shameless pics of my dog

I love my dog. After a stressful day of responsibilities, coming home to Lana and Danny are the best. We usually go on a walk together and then go about dinner and what not. Danny is out today, so its just Lana and I. I took her for a walk and then we hit up Petco. I bought her some food, a new toy. She behaved like a perfect lady in the store. Love herrrr. We came home, I did some random gardening while she frolicked the yard. Perfectly suburban. lol I decided to take out the camera and take some self-portraits and portraits of her. I’m practicing using different lenses and learning how to photograph myself. (Inspired by the lovely and talented, Yesi Flores) I did ok… not gonna lie, photographing myself is awkward- but its good practice! Lana however- hates the camera. She charges at me (non-violently)! I read somewhere that dogs dislike their portraits being taken because they feel an invasion of personal space… fancy! lol I took the pictures anyway and I’m gonna post them. So…here ya go! LANA DEL MOOCH!



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