Updates and Greys

So… about almost 2 months ago I entered in a health challenge at work (which I think I iniated!!!). I was pretty confident in my chances of winning. I was motivated and ready to go. I lost about 6 pounds the first week. I was proud. By month 1, I was 2 inches down in my waist as well. What I didn’t take in to consideration the known fact that I am an emotional eater. So when things get stressful I eat… also when I have headaches I automatically associate the relief with eating something (mainly because when I started getting migraines as a teen, my mom said it was because I never at anything- when in reality I didn’t have a huge appetite and my body was going into a new phase where I would become one of those people with chronic migraines). All of that to say that Easter season was upon us, and as a designer for a church- that means its gonna be crazy. lol Thankfully, it turns out our team was much more prepared than previous years and Easter went a little smoother. This doesn’t mean it wasn’t stressful…at all, but we completed projects on-time. During those moments of stress I went through a “who cares, you’re stressed. do whatever you want” mentality and sabotaged my weight loss progress. I didn’t get to run as much as I’d hope (migraines, a cold and random happenings kept getting in the way). I don’t eat terribly- I stay away from a lot of really delicious stuff, but my body is older now and doesn’t just get skinny. The thing is- I have to be on my game, I have to make time for working out-HARD and prepare in advance my food intake (I’m a bit lazy. Oh the sin of sloth!) Hopefully, I get it together starting today. So far, so good-but we’ll see how I handle it under the stress moments that are sure to happen. Cheers to not giving up?! haha

In the mean time- check out some of my pins that make me oh so happy. I love greys and jank



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