I never used to wear lipstick. I thought I shouldn’t because my teeth weren’t white enough. I don’t have abnormally yellow teeth or anything, but in my mind my teeth needed to be celebrity white. Then one day I didn’t care. The first color lipstick I purchased was Candy Yum Yum by MAC, and then it melted in my car ( I know! What can you expect leaving it in the car right?!?!). I then bought Relentlessly Red by MAC and loved it. I felt a little strange wearing such a bright color, but I must say its one of my favorites! Then, I lost that one (found it later) and went to re-purchase it when my friend Maria suggested I get another color because you never know if you’ll find it later. Taking her advice I purchased Ruby Woo and Honey Love. I found the lipstick I lost by the way, I was so happy! No RAGRETS! hahaha! For real, I love these colors and I’m so glad I got over that whole “my teeth aren’t white enough” situation. Be saucy, and rock that lipstick.


relentlessly red Ruby Woo Honey Love


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