Last month, I visited New York with Chanti and Donna. We met up with my dear friend, Tahtee and spent a day with my friend from high school, Luis. We stay in Queens through AirBNB. We did so much everyday-our feet were beat! ha. I’m going to go through each photo and write about that particular moment, as opposed to writing a play-by-play of the whole weekend, because I’m sure I’ll miss something and I’d hate that! Here we go.

Walking the streets of New York with my frandssss.

1110We visited the Moma on Friday fo freeeee. haha. It was so packed, but I enjoyed walking around and looking at all the pretty art. 12My friends are beautiful. BYE!261517We snapped a few photos before brunch at Cookshop, which was incredible by the way. The Chelsea neighborhood is adorable and I want to live there. ha!

09Got me a drank at Chelsea Market. Cutest jar cup. <31627Central Park wanderings.

250829I got this shot while we had some drinks on the Monarch Rooftop, thanks to Luis. It was relaxing. <31828 In this picture, we were in the middle of walking across the Brooklyn Bridge to meet Tahtee at Smorgasburg. It was the perfect day for a stroll. Warm, windy, cool, clear. haha


We just left Smorgasburg and decided to take walk to the Manhattan Bridge. The whole time we headed there, I thought the view was of the Brooklyn Bridge. Negative. Thankfully Donna found the exact bridge and assured me that it was the Manhattan Bridge we were looking for, not the Brooklyn Bridge.

0501I was so happy to be exploring with my friends. It was just easy and fun. 02Here we are trying to be cute. Chanti is perfect.04I didn’t get a successful jumping shot.. This is as good as it gets. It was definitely embarrassing jumping a thousand times. It shouted “I’m not from here”. -.-
07We spotted a couple taking their wedding photos. Adorable. We saw that they were having the reception in a restaurant around the corner. I’m such a stalker, but I had to sneak a pic of them. So cute. 06Here’s another view of the Manhattan Bridge. Its like a blue/minty color. Love it. 21We took some pictures in front of Jane’s Carousel. So beautiful. We couldn’t take a ride, because they were closing after the happiness of a ride that’s happening behind us. 222324We stopped by the Brooklyn Roasting Company for some coffee and to rest our feet. No joke- I thought my toes were broken. The struggle. 20Chanti’s perfect nails.


The last day in New York was a bit difficult to capture. It was pouring rain everywhere. I think this is when we realized we couldn’t live in this city. haha. I’d never move from Miami (that’s a whole other post), but I like to plan out scenarios in my mind about moving and weighing out possibilities. haha.The rain made moving around so difficult!!! My luggage was soaked. If it wasn’t for my poncho, I wouldn’t have made it.

Because of the crazy rain, all flights were delayed. I ended leaving about 6 hours later than the actual time I was supposed to leave. Chanti and Donna had to stay an extra night. Crazy I tell you. Either way, New York was awesome to us, and I hope we can do it again.

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 9.37.53 PM


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