Air Max

I’ve recently stumbled upon a lot of Nike Artwork. I find it really inspiring to be honest. They (artists/designers) take this sneaker and create a concept around it that results in catching the eye of someone who wouldn’t otherwise have seen it. I’ve come to really appreciate the design of the Nike Air Max sneaker. I didn’t appreciate them as much when I remember seeing them for the first time (High School).
A little history on the Air Max:

The designer of the sneaker was Tinker Haven Hatfield, Jr. He also designed the Air Jordan 3-15. In college he ran track and field for Bill Bowerman, co-foudner for Nike. He studied architecture.He started working for Nike in 1981, and started designing shoes in 1985. He designed the Air Max shoe with the intention of presenting it as a multi-sport sneaker. People loved it because of exposed the air cushioned sole, and the Nike-Air technology was engineered by Marion Frank Rudy, who used to work for NASA. All cool things. haha Apparently, the shoe design came at a difficult time for the company and Hatfield faced a lot of opposition. Good thing he persevered and made what he envisioned.

Goes to show you, don’t give up and haters gonna hate no matter what. They don’t know what you’re gonna come up with. Cheers Air Max!






Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 10.00.10 AM


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