Roadtrip Snapshots

I’m still out of town on vacation, but wanted to take my hotel break to edit and post some snippets of our trip. We flew to Ft. Collins for my cousin’s wedding, and then drove to Denver the next day to pick up the rest of our roadtrip mates. From there we stayed the night in Denver and drove the Moab, Utah the next day. It was a pretty long drive, but it didn’t matter, it was just the beginning of our Denver to Vegas roadtrip. We planned on visiting 5 National Parks for hiking and sights. I think we hiked over 30 miles total between all the parks. It was an incredible experience to say the least. I’ve never felt so small in the world. It was comforting to be honest. I felt a renewed sense of perspective, that I won’t get into because I kind of want to keep it to myself. lol Sorry! So grateful that I have a husband who cares so much as to plan every single part of this trip. He wanted all of us (7 individuals) to have the best experience possible. Well we did. Can’t wait to go on more adventures with him throughout throughout the years. Currently, we are in Vegas. We made it. Now we’re going to hit the strip! (I’m not that excited lol I wasn’t too fond of Vegas last time we came..) I’ll be back to share whether my opinion changes! In the mean time, here are some photos!














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