Gift Guide: Ladies

If you’re looking for a neat gift for your lady friends, W.O.E.S., Squad, BFF or for that special lady in your life, this is it. What better way to show love and appreciation for someone that one of these items. I would be thrilled to receive any of these.

A constant reminder that “you look good” is a must. I mean come on!

Anything floral has my heart, and the Sonix cases are pretty amazing. I had one and it did a pretty great job of protecting my phone even though its a thin case.

Anyone who loves coffee or tea would be thrilled to store their hot beverage in this saucy tumbler!


Guau tee from my biz. Super soft and hilarious if you speak spanish!

This made well necklace is on sale!!! Get itttt!


Enjoy friends! Ladies Gift Guide


Bath mat // Phone case // Kate Spade tumbler // Rose Gold sneaks // Guau tee // Madewell Necklace


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