Preggo Sickness

Let me start of by saying that pregnancy is different for everyone. I know friends who have had terrible pregnancies…in the sense that they were sick the entire 9 months. I have also had friends that have had amazing pregnancies, where everything is..well the complete opposite of the former. So far, in my case- it’s been pretty rough. I’ve had morning sickness almost everyday since I found out, sometimes it turns out to be all day sickness or even nighttime sickness. I’ve felt my body changing. It may sound gross, but I feel like I can tell when my insides are stretching out! I have always had wide hips, so I always assumed that when I arrived to this season of life, I’d be set with my body making appropriate space for our little one. Of course, we all know what assuming makes you. I’ve had some migraines, and the occasional out of the norm pimple. People are very nice and encouraging, and say that it’ll pass. I hope so! We’ll see what happens! All in all, I just laugh. I cry sometimes, but its temporary and I know that its going to be ok. There’s a little person growing in my body, and honestly-what else should I expect. Its a shock to my body, this has never happened before-so its all new. As long as our little one grows, I’m happy. I’ll just take it all in stride.

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 2.26.24 PM.png



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