I’m tired. I would just like to sleep, and sometimes if I lay down to rest I get migraines that end up haunting me throughout the entire day. Yesterday, I took a nap and woke up headache free! It was the perfect day-the weather, the lack of nausea and brain pain made it so. Taking naps is not common for me and I know being sleepy throughout pregnancy is normal, and should most definitely be observed, but sometimes I just can’t. I have work and responsibilities to take care of and sometimes you have to ward of the Zzz’s. By the time I’m home the sleepiness is gone until way late. Even now, as I lie here and type this- I’m tired and not sleepy just yet. The sleep has to hit me! The tiredness is constant, and I know its only a peek into what lies ahead, so I’ll consider this mini-training for what’s to come. Sorry if this post feels like a dog chasing it’s tail lol…this explains why I’m not a writer and I color for a living ;)



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