Miami’s Finest: The Salty Donut

I haven’t written a “Miami’s Finest” post in a WHILE. I haven’t felt inspired to do so to be honest. I used to carry my camera around all the time and document as much as I could, but its been difficult lately. Aside from being pregnant, I’ve been feeling pretty tired. I go to work, and just want to walk my dog and hang out for the remainder of the evening. I haven’t even cooked as much as I’d like. Its terrible. Sometimes you just gotta get over it and go. I had all kinds of plans this past Saturday (Saturdays are Baby Days. We do something every Saturday that is for the baby room or something like that)222, but when one of my errands ran long, it foiled the other plans- ANDDD Danny got an overtime shift, so I was left with options! Luckily, my boo Chanti was in town! I picked up my friend Gio and we headed out to Wynwood to meet up with Chanti and her friend Kate. I love that all the plans fell through and I had a chunk of time to spend with my friend. She’s pretty amazing, and brings so much happiness into my life.

We decided to hit up The Salty Donut. I was so excited! I had never been and was dying to go. The lines are pretty long from what I’ve seen on friends’ Snap stories, but it was pretty quick when we went. I got the Guava and Cheese Donut, and the Banana Nut Donut. Both spectacular. Chanti got the traditional donut, which was so delicious!!! I’m drooling just thinking about it. Kate got the Peach Bourbon donut, which I didn’t try, but everyone said it was pretty yummy as well. We also got Nutella donut holes, and such. So good. Everything. Seriously recommend these. I wanna try a score some for my baby shower!


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