I think I’m nesting

From what I’m reading, its a little early for me to be nesting. I’ve been very lucky to have family give me some of their hand me downs. I’ve received a crib, a ton of clothes, a stroller, some bouncy thing- actually 2 bouncy things and so on. I’ve let it sit in our spare room for a bit, and recently decided to go through it and make decisions on what to keep and what to pass along. Its a lot of stuff! I went through about 8 garbage bags of clothes. I’m proud of myself haha. I started washing the clothes we decided to keep, and now I’m folding it and categorizing it by size. Where do I store this!?!?! I have a dresser, but I have a feeling there’s a better way to store all this clothes effectively. I gotta ask my friends, because they are boss moms.

We also hit up Babies R Us tonight to start our registry. I ALWAYS dread going into a baby store. Its always been an overwhelming experience for me (nothing is ever where its supposed to be!!!). I’ve left the store with gifts sweating and with a migraine. We walked in  tonight and started with diaper bags and went from there. Struggle bus over here. I had an idea of what we needed, but instantly knew I’d have to continue adding things online because the store was too much for me. I mean a crib mattress is about $200- are you kidding me?!?!?! Its terrible. I’ve also created a Babylist registry, which is much less stressful. I love it because it allows the purchaser to choose the best price out of 2-3 options. Talk about considerate you know what I mean! Annnnd I can pick items from Etsy, Amazon, Target- basically anywhere I want. Love it.

I still feel overwhelmed about it all… I was folding some swaddle thingies and I have no idea how to fold them- much less how to put them on a baby. What is life?! I feel a little unprepared for this whole becoming a parent thing, but I know it’ll come in time. I can do this! Its just a little daunting. Till then, I’ll continue to work on my little one’s room and try to make it as relaxing and adorable as possible. Thanks for reading <3


Pics taken from my Pinterest Board 9c59b32424b8f79f7c8d1cab9e1574b99d7db982e38a60b9003205ae689cf6df50e2798e030aa8644411f79173548d11c240e12b7d45db98f88b05eea75bd3e2


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