The Latest

•My belly gets bigger by the day. No joke. I feel the same everyday, but every time Danny works a 24 hour shift and comes home he says my belly has grown. :) Baby is growing.

•We decided that our little one will be name Mila Marie Canto. I’m pretty excited about it. We chose the name Mila a few years ago, and its been a winner ever since. It also happens to mean gracious, and it Slavic name originating from Poland or Eastern Europe.

Enamarie and I are driving to Tampa tomorrow morning to visit our Dad because he had a pretty serious surgery done this morning. It was all pretty sudden, thankfully he’s ok and the surgery went well. Can’t wait to see him and help him adjust at home.

•I’m preparing a major re-order of the Hustle Hard tee. Its time! I’ve completely run out. Sent out the last one a couple weeks ago. Love how much ya’ll love that shirt. Makes my heart happy.

•Danny is headed to Colorado tomorrow morning to hike a fourteener. I love his adventurous spirit.

das it.




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