Baby Shower Details

June 18th was my Baby Shower. It was amazing! I’ve been blessed to have wonderful people in my life that have made this season of life so sweet. The shower would not have been possible without the help of family and friends. Every little detail was perfect. I don’t take help very easily, so I tend to contribute a lot to planning things for myself- I’m pretty sure it bugs my family and friends, but I can’t help it! lol I collected some Pinterest pins and shared them. Everything I pinned came alive! I’ve attached some pictures (taken by my lovely, Enamarie) of all the decorations, little gifts, flowers and such.

The cake was made by a dear friend, Elizabeth Calle of Leelee’s Cake Abilities, some of the cookies and lemon bars were made by Gaby’s Edibles, Doughnuts from The Salty Donut, mini succulents are from Isaac Farms and the shower location was the clubhouse at TOWN Luxury Apartments (such a good venue!). 



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