48 Days of Mila

Mila is a month and almost 3 weeks old. She has gained almost 3 lbs and grown 2 inches since she was born. I  can’t even believe it. I can’t believe we’re parents. I can’t believe this is our kid. She’s so cute and perfect. More than ever, I feel God’s love, grace and mercy through this little girl. I’ve learned so much about His love for us.

I’ve seen all her so-far firsts. Her first poop (So important. It’s pretty much all I worry about haha), first snuggle session, first smile, first laugh, first bath, first tummy time fit, first spit up, and much more. There are a lot of firsts when you’re new to world hehe. Can’t wait for the many other firsts to come.

I love my Little Mila. <3


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