Little Mila

I realized I never posted this! tragic. Mila is 2 months old today. She’s grown so much already! She had her shots and ears pierced on Wednesday (also my birthday), and i went into the doctor’s office thinking she was so big, and then I saw all these babies that were 6 months old, and she suddenly looked so small again! Hey, I don’t hate it. She’s only this small once. Gotta love it.

She did great at her appointment. She cried of course, but I was so proud of her. She stopped crying and took it like a champ. I look at her 1 month picture, and I see such a difference. haha. She smiles more now, she makes cute faces when she’s trying to poo, she coos a lot, and has conversations with you. She’s eating so much more now too. Geez, I love my little girl. Can’t believe she’s 2 months old today!



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