Nice packaging for the win

On our way to Charleston, SC we stopped to refuel and I stumbled upon some beef jerky products.  Normally beef jerky and such items are wrapped up in red/yellow/bold/loud packaging. Why? Probably because they (marketing specialists) have targeted their audience or something. Apologies to the audience for them thinking this is what appeals to you. You are better than that. Alas, I digress. Enter Duke’s and the Epic Bar.  Brilliant. Honestly, I don’t even eat beef jerky, but I purchased the Bison one (well Danny actually bought it-but he doesn’t like jerky either so they’re doing something right!!) and it was delicious, and I wanted to keep the packaging forever. I have a deep love and appreciation for unique and masterfully done design. I mean-way to take something ordinary like jerky and make it beautiful. Granted, the design isn’t anything new to the world (there is nothing new under the sun) but it’s new the world of beef jerky. Thank you designers who care. 

Check it out: 


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