Charleston, SC

A few weekends ago, we took a road trip to Charleston, SC. it was the first long trip with Mila and overall-she did great! Our friend, Giovanna was going up for some work and we tagged along to explore the city. We had an amazing time. Charleston is so beautiful! We didn’t have specific plans, which was easier for us to go at our own pace, thankfully. Flexibility is key when you have a baby that is strict on her routine, not by my doing! She is a clock. She wakes from nap time to eat almost at the exact time, she dirties her diapers immediately after, and demands a change. Its always the same, so wherever I am, I tell myself to be flexible with how the day goes. She’s on schedule but life is not lol so asking about a restroom changing table in advance helps me be prepared, and if they have boiling water so i can warm her bottle. I get flustered pretty easily ( I hate that about myself), but Danny helps me remember to be grateful that Mila is pretty easy to handle <3

Anyhoo- back to Charleston. A few restaurants and places I’d recommend:

The Revelator Coffee – got a latte here every morning. So yummy.

Husk (you need a reservation WAYYYY in advance. Like a few weeks.)

167 Raw – Great spot, small but perfect. Service was amazing as well.

Taco Boy

High Wire Distilling Co.

The Daily coffee shop

The Brown Dog Deli – I had an amazing sandwich here. Amazing!!! Pulled pork, mac n cheese sandwich. Dead. Sooo good.

Angel Oak Tree – 1000 year old oak. #dreams

Henry’s – for some great drinks and chocolate cake hehe They have food too, but we just went for a short while.

Glazed Gourmet Donuts

We also, took a day to head to Parris Island to see where Danny went to Boot Camp for the Marines. So intense! I’m so proud of him for his time in the Marines. He’s the best.

Well, if you’re ever in Charleston, enjoy because its awesome. Take time to explore and ask locals because you can miss so much when you go on a strict plan!



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