Miami’s Finest: Finka Table & Tap

This past Wednesday, my father treated us to dinner in celebration of my upcoming birthday. He was leaving town the following day, so he wanted to celebrate early. I chose for us to dine at Finka. My friend, Alex recommended it, and several others vouched for it! I was sold!
The moment I walked in, I was in love with the place! Ha. It was adorable. Decor was on point, and the service was great! I got there around 5:45 and was realized later that I beat the rush. By 6:30 the place was packed!! It was a Wednesday night for pete’s sake! That’s how you know it’s good! Also, I think every good looking Hispanic hipster in Miami works there. Hit it up ladies! Haha!
The food was delicious and lived up to all the hype! I had ox tail pasta, my parents had sword fish (incredible!!!), my brother has churrasco, Enamarie has vaca frita noodles and Gaby had pizza with and an egg in the middle! Lots of Moscow mules, and Cuban flan. I was a happy girl! Yum! Food is definitely a way to my heart.
I had a great time with my family and would definitely recommend this place for lunch or dinner!








Adobe Max Conference

I’m sitting in the airport in Los Angeles waiting for my flight back home to the MIA. I came to LA for the Adobe Max Conference. My awesome team sent me to the conference with all the love in the world. I feel pretty lucky to have been given the chance to go and wish the whole team could’ve gone  as well. I felt like the entire team could have benefited from it. Video, photography, animation, illustration, leadership, and just general creative culture. Next time?!

I was fortunate enough to have Danny come with me. Thank goodness he did. I got a migraine on the flight over (5 hours and no food isn’t a good combo). The moment we landed I felt nauseous. I’ve thrown up on a plane before and felt like it was going to happen again. ::panic:: Luckily I didn’t throw up on the plane, but I did manage to throw up at the rental car pickup, then in the car (well outside of the car. Danny had to pullover), and then once more outside a restaurant we were planning on eating at. You think I would’ve gotten the hint that my body was not having it… but I didn’t. You see, in the past when this has happened- I’ve only puked once. One time and that was it. My body is becoming more and more annoying when it comes to things like this. So, we left the restaurant-I was dizzy and in serious pain and embarrassment. I prayed that I’d feel better by the next day because I had my first Pre-Conference session and did not want to miss it. I mean I couldn’t. MY TEAM SENT ME HERE! Super fail if I get sick and can’t make it at all. No pressure.

I woke up early and felt better. Thank God. So off I went to start my Adobe adventure. I was so nervous. Haha! I’m usually nervous for anything. I didn’t know what to expect, I didn’t know what was expected of me.. Talk about insecurities flooding out. Que Peña. Obviously (to most), it went well. I discovered calligraphy for realties, I made some letters into vector. I felt more confident about making a font in the near future. (That scares the crap out of me). I also felt better about making connections and talking to people. It went well! I enjoyed my sessions, felt refreshed at the Keynotes and just kind watched everything around me in awe. (which doesn’t work out for networking  especially  when the aesthetics around you make your jaw drop) I chatted with one of my favorite designers, James Victor. He’s so funny. He’s animated which makes attending his sessions a delight. I even gave him a Hustle Hard Tee! Oo Kill ‘Em! Timothy Goodman’s session was also fantastic. I left with a renewed perspective. I also managed to grab as many freebies as possible for the team! Gotta hook up my peeps! I definitely recommend this conference to people who like enjoy the different forms of creativity and love technology advances!




Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 5.59.28 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 5.59.56 PM











I never got around to posting some photos from our vacation this past summer in Brazil. Honestly, I haven’t even finished editing all the photos! Tragic. Anyway, going back to the subject- we had an amazing time. We spent a lot of time with Danny’s family. Danny has family all over Brazil, but we mainly stayed with his family from Rio De Janeiro. We had so much fun! We ate a lot of really goos food as well! My favorite was the coxihna, which I can only describe as a sort of tear-drop shaped “pap rellena”. Mmm. Delicious. I can only dream of it. I had several throughout the city, but the best one was at a stand by Ipanema Beach (near where people land from paragliding ). Random: we almost went paragliding, but didn’t because it was crazy expensive. I’m pretty sure we wanna go back soon, just to do that! haha!

We went to Arraial do Cabo (the most beautiful beach I’ve ever been to),  Pao de Azucar ( a mountain that looks like a loaf of sugar), Christ the Redeemer, one of many military bases (so much history) and much more. The photos below show some of these. Part 2 will show the rest! Its a lot! Seeing Danny with his family was so heartwarming! It made me miss my family in Panama that I haven’t seen in over 10 years! They treated me so kindly, and made me feel like family too!























Fears and all.

I love life right now. God has blessed me beyond all my hopes. I am undeserving. One of the things I want to talk about is Hustle Sauce, my new creative/business adventure. I’m not afraid to tell people that I really had no concrete plan, or that I felt very fearful about doing something this. This just kind of fell on my lap. I’m grateful it did. I had always wanted to do something like this and never thought I could. I didn’t understand business. I didn’t understand taxes. I didn’t understand marketing. I didn’t understand how so many loved ones said I had “something” and I couldn’t see it. Now, I still don’t entirely understand any of these things, but they’re happening regardless. I grateful for my family and friends who are so encouraging about it all. They push me. They see what I love when I don’t always see it. They are my eyes. Thank you friends.

I had insecurities about everything. My “brand”, my hand name it. Its pretty silly when you think about it.

“Its OK to wing it. Just get on the place and go. You can pick up a nicer shirt, shaving cream and a toothbrush once you get there” – REWORK by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson (Just started reading this book today)

So, I’m going to go with my gut. I want people to laugh, to enjoy t-shirts. If you’re gonna wear a t-shirt it might as well be light-hearted and some-what funny. I have dreams and plans to expand my “product”. That’ll reveal itself when the time is right. For now, hustle hard the adventure has arrived.

*Cheers to m’friends who let me use them as models. I love you all!

Hustle Sauce Models



Oh Chanti Shop

My wonderful friend, Chanti has opened up a shop on Etsy. She is one of the most talented and lovely people I know. She is selling hand drawn prints of whimsical quotes and canvas banners with inspiring tidbits. Her work would be an excellent addition to any home, office or creative space. You need to check ‘em out on Instagram too!




West Elm Dadeland Pop-Up Shop!

Last Saturday I had my Pop-Up Shop at West Elm Dadeland! I was so excited and crazy nervous about it. Thankfully I had my sister,Stefy and Jackie to help me setup! They were amazing! I really couldn’t have done it alone. The West Elm staff was also very kind and helpful and made me feel right at home in their store. Delightful team!
So many friends came by to show their support, I truly felt loved. I tend to have little faith in things I’m very excited about. Its probably because I’m afraid of it going badly, or just maybe just assuming the worst- so if it does go badly, my pride isn’t too wounded. I made a lot of sales to friends and to people that I didn’t know. It was definitely an encouraging adventure.

Hope to have more Pop-Up shops in the future of Hustle Sauce!

BLurryHelpers Display GUau DIsplay





Grizzly Print Parlour

It’s been a while since I posted anything! Life got crazy. Quick! Work was intense (but I love it), then we went to Brazil (pics coming soon!), then I got really sick and then Danny got really sick! Lol point is, things get in the way. That stinks, but I’m still here!

This past Friday, my awesome friends at Grizzly Print Parlour (the awesome dudes who print me tees) threw an epic bash! Civilians was playing, a delicious food truck was present and live T-shirt and poster printing was happenin’! These guys know how to throw a party! It was so fun seeing everyone there! I had a blast! Thank you Chris, Alex and Brian for all your hard work for Hustle Sauce and for providing an awesome party for the people! Check out some [iphone] pics!













Banggggssss and things


1. I got in a car accident.
2. We have officially moved in.
3. Down 11 lbs.
4. Still running.
5. Going on vacay to Brazil in about a week!
6. Designed another tee for the Hustle Sauce Shop!
7. Danny’s been working a lot.
8. I realized I own A L O T of shoes.
9. I’ve got a lot of people on heart lately. Praying more.
10. I cut my bangs.

Some bad things, some good things. All in all lots has been going on.

Hustle Hard Tee: Simply Lively

This is Yesica. She’s beautiful, kind and an extremely talented photographer and blogger. She has one of 2 special edition Hustle Hard Tees. There are about 14 special edition tees that no one else owns. Hehe. I was really excited to see how she would style the tee because she is always so stylish! Check it out! She posted it on her blog!




Our new house and Gunner


So we still haven’t moved into our new home yet. A lot has been happening, so the process has been delayed. The roof had to be replaced and we are in the middle of the bathroom being remodeled. Its been a month since we’ve been new home owners. I can’t wait to move in. Honestly. I want us to have our own home. Entirely us. Our choice of paint, our choice of furniture, etc. We haven’t really had that since we short-saled the apartment 3 years ago. I’m so excited. We’ve been slowly moving things in every other day or so. We pack some boxes and I drop them off in the morning before going into work. Danny goes every other day (when he’s not working like dog!) to fix things, add lamps, clean up, mow the lawn, etc. I’m hoping we’ll be in the house in 2 weeks! (crosses fingers!) In the meantime, here’s a picture of Gunner looking of so handsome in my living room with the little furniture we have! :)


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